Recently I experienced a degree of deception and Malice, in the form of trickery and abandonment enough to drive an adopted dyslexic, to the brink of suicide. Consequently I have created Interactive art of kindness and fairness.

I associate SoHo House with these values and ideals of dignity and respect through the application of kindness and fairness, based on my admiration and appreciation for your company’s contributions to our society in the defence of Civility as the kind fair experiences I’ve had with your business have helped me with the happiness of humanity and perhaps my art can help your people profits and principles.

DV case related to business ethics breach of contract all for the furtherance of the business of Soho House at the expense of others civil constitutional and human rights to grow a business at Breakneck speed abusing the free market, my response is freedom of speech expression and the First Amendment this domestic violence case represents these abuse of powers and the repression of the First Amendment in order to further their business my response is based on my artwork to Express the consequences of these in justices

I do this through what I call ACDC ft squared PA, through poetry and paintings that show actions have consequences, damaging to the Commerce of free trade and fair trade, promoted by proper accountability through freedom of expression in the free market for the benefit of all.

I hope I can do this through mutually beneficial acts of caring and sharing rather than confrontation of the courts and solve a problem for money rather than settling the case for for one which will be damaging to the Commerce or IPO of the Soho house.

In this regard my art is intended to Enlighten and inspire a higher path for the benefit of all which I call the MUFF than dick program.